The Stratford Landing Citizens Association exists to serve and strengthen our community by providing a forum for sharing information, connecting neighbors, promoting activities and fostering civic engagement for those that live here.

We are not a homeowner's association, nor do we have authority to enforce local laws and rules. Rather, we are a 100% volunteer-led membership organization working together, and in partnership with the appropriate local authorities, to foster a neighborhood that is safe, productive and committed to maintaining a high quality of life for all residents.

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2018-2019 SLCA Membership Drive is now open!

There are two easy ways to join SLCA. You can join online via the link below, or print and mail your membership form. Please choose only one option for your household. The membership drive will close on October 15, 2018!

Join Online


Print & Mail

If you would like to complete and mail your household's membership form, please use the link below to download and print. Your form with payment should be addressed as follows: SLCA 2018/19 Membership Drive, ATTN: Kathy Lehner, 8810 Stockton Parkway, Alexandria, VA 22308

Membership Eligibility

While not a requirement for living in Stratford Landing, SLCA Membership is an important, value-added benefit available to all residents. SLCA sponsors a number of events and activities throughout the year, ensuring that our community continues to grow and thrive!

SLCA Membership is open to households residing with the territory of Fairfax County, Virginia, bounded on the South by the tributary of the Little Hunting Creek that runs parallel to Creek Drive; on the West by Little Hunting Creek; on the North by the tributary of Little Hunting Creek that runs parallel to the East-West course of Brewster Drive; and on the East by Riverside Road and a line extending Riverside Road but also including Wittington Boulevard and its feeder roads. See our neighborhood map below for details.

Membership Cost

The SLCA annual membership fee is $10 (per household) and is put toward positive impacts to our community, including support of programs, events and activities offered by the Stratford Landing Citizens Association throughout the year. Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Membership Benefits

  • Representation on the Mount Vernon Council of Citizens' Associations (MVCCA), where important policy decisions and recommendations are made that affect local school planning, zoning, housing, human services and more.
  • e-Blast Alerts with important news and safety updates from across our "community watch" network.
  • On-going communication and neighborhood news via newsletter, website, Facebook page and Nextdoor.
  • A resource for your community-related questions and concerns. We maintain strong relationships with the Fairfax County Police Department and others. 
  • Annual community events, including the annual Easter Egg Hunt, Community Yard Sale, Summer Picnic, Blood Drives, and Earth Day Event and Santa Parade.
  • Annual Meeting and Candidates' Forum, where you'll meet candidates for local, state and national office.
  • The Sweet List. an exclusive listing of trusted service providers and contractors endorsed by your neighbors.
  • Neighborhood Directory to stay in touch with neighbors (updated March 2017).

Your membership dues also help support our general administration including website hosting, newsletter printing and mailing, insurance and licensing.

SLCA Newsletter

Every other month, SLCA publishes a newsletter to help members stay informed about important events, happenings
and updates in our area. SLCA Members receive the newsletter via email as part of the membership benefit.
We also work to maintain a community calendar for events happening in our area. Calendar >>

Full versions of past newsletters are available for viewing and download below. If you would like to
receive the latest version when published, please join SLCA by following the instructions above.

NOTE: If you're a business and would like an opportunity to advertise in our newsletter,
please contact:

Executive Committee

Kim Fairchild

Claire Kluskens

Vice President
Jody Nyalko

Keith Kettell

Celia Boertlein

Immediate Past President
Rob Maher

Other Committees


Leah Chapla

Jody Nyalko

Terri Maloney

Mary Lou Hoffman
(703) 360-7267


Nicole Gerow


Cole Smith


Sarah Linden

Delegates to Mount Vernon Council of Citizens' Associations

Jody Nyalko

Matthew Dunne

Scott Kopple
(703) 864-3218

Leah Chapla
(703) 929-4875

Betsy Martin
(703) 360-0691

Cole Smith

John Horn